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The term “Yotzim” is the Hebrew word for “leaving”. Those who choose to leave  the Haredi society have many names, including “yotzim beshe’ela” (leaving with a question), “Off the Derech” (off the path), “Former Haredi”, “ex-Haredi”, and more. We chose to name our organization Yotzim LeShinuy, directly translated as “leaving for change”, and refer to ourselves as Yotzim, because we feel that it is the best term to describe our forward-facing attitude while recognizing our complicated past. 

Each year, some 1,900 individuals choose to leave Haredi (ultra-Orthodox) society and they encounter a complex journey fraught with social, psychological, and practical challenges. Out for Change provides these young people with a sense of community and support, while also helping them bridge significant social, cultural, and educational gaps, thus enabling them to quickly become independent and contributing members of society and to realize their full potential.


To better understand the journey Yotzim have embarked upon, please visit our stories to read a few of the many personal stories of Yotzim who have come through the doors of Out for Change, or click here to watch our #On_my_own_derech videos. 


If you would like to share with us the story of your own personal journey, or you are looking for assistance and guidance in leaving the Haredi world, please be in touch here.


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We are always looking to grow our support base and welcome you to become a partner to the change we are creating in the lives of these individuals and to Israeli society as a whole. To hear more about volunteering opportunities, please be in touch here.


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