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Each year, Israel invests millions of shekels in programs aimed at integrating members of Haredi society into the workforce, higher education, and the IDF. Those, however, who were raised in the same manner but left Haredi society were not eligible for these programs or granted the same rights. Yotzim (literally, “those who leave”) either had to ‘disguise’ themselves as Haredi to access the assistance they needed or forgo public support altogether.

In addition to targeted support for Haredim, dozens of other, fully funded programs in the areas of education, employment, and military service exist for various population sectors in Israel. However, no specialized programs existed for Yotzim up until a few years ago.

Our advocacy impact

Out for Change spent its first years raising awareness among policymakers and demanding  equal recognition for Yotzim as an identity-based community. Since then, Out for Change has achieved equality in the area of higher education, where Yotzim now have the same rights and are eligible for the same benefits as those who remain Haredim, including access to tailored scholarships. Out for Change also helped establish 12 pre-academic preparatory programs specifically geared towards Yotzim and a national service program. Additionally, Yotzim can now access highly subsidized vocational training courses, and the IDF has recognized their unique needs, granting them most of the rights and benefits afforded to Haredim.

Our advocacy vision

Out for Change works with key decision-makers to ensure that Yotzim receive the rights they are entitled to as individuals who grew up within Haredi society and are recognized as an official population sector eligible for funding and integrated into existing programs. We continue to work with policymakers, IDF leadership and government offices to ensure the success of Yotzim.



With an enormous research gap on the topic of Yotzim (literally, “those who leave”) in Israel, decision-makers have lacked a solid basis for understanding the scope of the phenomenon and the challenges experienced by those leaving Haredi society. A reliable knowledge base is imperative on the journey to complete acceptance and equality for Yotzim because it alerts decision-makers to the potentials and challenges of this unique group, helping them create policies that genuinely address their needs, and enabling new pathways for tailored programs. Since its founding in 2013, Out for Change has been working to provide a database of information to serve as a resource and guide to these decision-makers. Our research impact In 2014, Out for Change completed a quantitative basis for advocating the Yotzim community’s case to decision-makers. Four years later, Dr. Neri Horowitz finalized an in-depth qualitative study on the risks and potentials of Haredi disaffiliation. An English summary of the study initiated by Out for Change can be found here. We are currently assisting with several crucial studies we have commissioned or helped get off the ground. These include a study on community alienation, a sub-topic of parental alienation, unique to the Yotzim community, led by Dr. Carmit Katz of Tel Aviv University with the support of the Haruv Institute and the ongoing quantitative research of leading economist Dr. Eitan Regev at the Israel Democracy Institute. An English article on transitions between religious groups can be found here.

Lectures and Tours

Public and private institutions increasingly approach Out for Change to help them better assist Yotzim. We are working to provide professionals with the information, understanding, and tools they need to help Yotzim by offering training programs for social workers, teachers, university staff, officers and commanders in the army, matrimonial lawyers, and HR staff. Our team also initiates, develops, maintains connections, and advances joint projects with organizations and institutions serving Yotzim. Our lectures and tours impact

Raising Awareness

Mainstream Israeli media and the public discourse have neglected the Yotzim (literally, “those who leave”) community for many years. The spotlights of attention they did receive tended to be negative, included false information and assumptions, or sensationalized particular events. This negative public discourse not only interferes with the development of a positive self-identity for Yotzim, but also lends itself to programming and policy-making that does not recognize the community’s potential and many capabilities. Our media impact Raising public awareness about this unique sector, its challenges, and its significant potential – thereby creating a more positive perspective – are critical components of our work. Through a well-developed communications strategy and ongoing public relations efforts, we have succeeded in raising awareness about this community in a positive light. Recognizing the immense potential of Yotzim and their struggles, many mainstream Israelis are eager to assist, giving both financial support and thousands of hours of volunteer time each year.

Once a year, on October 27, we mark the Day of Choice for those who have left Haredi society around the world, to raise awareness about freedom of choice and the struggle of Yotzim and Yotzot for equal rights and integration into society, to give expression to their cultural world and to work for legislative and societal change.  
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