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Raising Awareness

Mainstream Israeli media and the public discourse have neglected the Yotzim (literally, “those who leave”) community for many years. The spotlights of attention they did receive tended to be negative, included false information and assumptions, or sensationalized particular events. This negative public discourse not only interferes with the development of a positive self-identity for Yotzim, but also lends itself to programming and policy-making that does not recognize the community’s potential and many capabilities.
Our media impact
Raising public awareness about this unique sector, its challenges, and its significant potential – thereby creating a more positive perspective – are critical components of our work. Through a well-developed communications strategy and ongoing public relations efforts, we have succeeded in raising awareness about this community in a positive light. Recognizing the immense potential of Yotzim and their struggles, many mainstream Israelis are eager to assist, giving both financial support and thousands of hours of volunteer time each year.

Once a year, on October 27, we mark the Day of Choice for those who have left Haredi society around the world, to raise awareness about freedom of choice and the struggle of Yotzim and Yotzot for equal rights and integration into society, to give expression to their cultural world and to work for legislative and societal change.


Pictures from our activities

Our Team

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Izzy Polyas

Awarness director
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Haim Yacobson

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Bar Sarbinski

Marketing Coordinator
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Sara Salomon

Social Media Coordinator
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