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Yotzim in the Workplace

Jan 2023
Hila Barel
New research / family and community

Yotzim in the Workplace – Challenges, Perceptions of their Added Value and Potential Solutions for Integrating Yotzim into Qualified Jobs

This study examines the integration of Yotzim into the Israeli employment market.

The central perspective given in the study is that of the Yotzim themselves, as emerged in focus groups in which they participated (25 participants, average age 27).

Additionally, the study presents the point of view of Out for Change’s guidance coordinators, based on an analysis of summaries of 100 guidance processes on the issue of employment and a focus group conducted with the participation of six coordinators.

The findings of the study challenge the assumption that those who leave ultra-Orthodox society can integrate into the job market naturally and without any special assistance. The findings strengthen the position which holds that Yotzim require active help, especially making the transition from temporary and unprofessional work to higher-level, qualified work.

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