Out for Change is investing in a body of research that will enable the creation of data-based programs and policy. Our dream is to have a complete body of research and data, both qualitative and quantitative, for the use of decision makers, academia and the media.

We began by working to create a quantitative basis upon which to advocate our case to decision makers. This initial research was completed in 2014. Thereafter we commissioned an in-depth qualitative study from Dr. Neri Horowitz, which was completed in 2018. Currently in the works are the expansion of the quantitative research and demographic study to include new statistical methods and information that we believe will provide the necessary basis for all future programs and policy. We are also expanding our qualitative research to include the gathering of more in-depth information from our participants. In addition, we have launched an in-house evaluation process that we hope will allow us to measure our own success and provide a basis upon which to develop future programs.


Haredi Disaffiliation – Risk, Potential and Social Policy