Our Impact

Our impact over the past six years inspires us daily to continue to do what we are doing

The population sector of former Haredim is a sector that for the most part does not require a long rehabilitation process but rather timely, focused Out for Change believes that the majority of the young people who have chosen this path have already proven that they are strong, motivated and capable long before they walk through our doors. and early intervention, after which they will be fully able to realize their own potential, give back to their community of former Haredim and contribute to Israel’s creative class.


  • Two community centers in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv (HaSalon) hosting hundreds of young people per month
  • Events: Friday night dinners, social gatherings, cultural events, movie nights and courses offering creative outlets
  • Dozens of volunteers, the majority of whom are former Haredim themselves
  • Grassroots initiatives, developed by former Haredim for former Haredim

Individual Guidance:

  • Each young person who comes to our center receives a package of assistance including guidance, courses and tutoring.
  • Hundreds of former Haredim participate in courses designed to bridge educational gaps
  • Legal aid project: Former Haredi parents who are facing challenges in family court receive guidance and even comprehensive legal assistance.


  • In the area of higher education, former Haredim are now eligible for all of the same rights and benefits as (current) Haredim, including scholarships.
  • The IDF has recognized the unique needs of former Haredim and has granted them most of the rights and benefits afforded (current) Haredim.
  • Highly subsidized vocational training courses are now offered to former Haredim.

Program Development:

  • Creation of pre-academic programs specifically geared toward former Haredim
  • National service program for former Haredim
  • Worked with the IDF to ensure that former Haredi soldiers receive the right to study a profession, with full funding, during their army service, an invaluable benefit that is given to (current) Haredi soldiers

Raising Public Awareness:

  • Through the successful management of communications strategy and public relations, we feel that we have mostly succeeded in changing the narrative of former Haredim from one of struggle to one of potential.


  • The creation of a quantitative basis upon which to advocate our case to decision makers, completed in 2014
  • An in-depth qualitative study from Dr. Neri Horowitz, completed in 2018