Guidance & Counseling

Haredi society tends to be insular and unsupportive of those who choose to leave the fold, so that those who make the choice to leave are often cut off from their families and traditional support systems as they navigate an unfamiliar world. Providing these young people with a sense of community and support, while also helping them bridge significant social, cultural and educational gaps, enables them to become independent and contributing members of society, and to realize their full educational, professional and personal potential.

Our goal is to offer professional counseling adapted to the needs of each individual in the areas of higher education, military service, employment, life skills and legal advice, as well as psychological counseling and mentoring. Our dream is to ensure that every young person in our community receives the help s/he needs in order to fulfill his/her potential, whether via our services or referrals to partner organizations or public agencies.

Each young person who comes to our center receives a package of assistance including personal guidance, courses and workshops, including English, math, computers and the arts. The Out to Learn program provides academic tutoring to former Haredi students in a variety of subjects. Beginning in 2019, our package is expanding to include a volunteer mentoring program (social/cultural and professional), pro-bono psychological therapy and a full-time social worker in each center that will serve as a case manager for each individual, ensuring that they receive everything they need. Hundreds of young people receive guidance participate in courses and workshops every year.