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Each year, Israel invests millions of shekels in programs aimed at integrating members of Haredi society into the workforce, higher education, and the IDF. Those, however, who were raised in the same manner but left Haredi society were not eligible for these programs or granted the same rights. Yotzim (literally, “those who leave”) either had to ‘disguise’ themselves as Haredi to access the assistance they needed or forgo public support altogether.

In addition to targeted support for Haredim, dozens of other, fully funded programs in the areas of education, employment, and military service exist for various population sectors in Israel. However, no specialized programs existed for Yotzim up until a few years ago.

Our advocacy impact

Out for Change spent its first years raising awareness among policymakers and demanding  equal recognition for Yotzim as an identity-based community. Since then, Out for Change has achieved equality in the area of higher education, where Yotzim now have the same rights and are eligible for the same benefits as those who remain Haredim, including access to tailored scholarships. Out for Change also helped establish 12 pre-academic preparatory programs specifically geared towards Yotzim and a national service program. Additionally, Yotzim can now access highly subsidized vocational training courses, and the IDF has recognized their unique needs, granting them most of the rights and benefits afforded to Haredim.

Our advocacy vision

Out for Change works with key decision-makers to ensure that Yotzim receive the rights they are entitled to as individuals who grew up within Haredi society and are recognized as an official population sector eligible for funding and integrated into existing programs. We continue to work with policymakers, IDF leadership and government offices to ensure the success of Yotzim.



Areas Of Work

Integration in the Army
Work with the Ministry of Defense and the IDF for the appropriate integration of ultra-Orthodox education graduates. After many years of discrimination, a new procedure was published that grants all conscriptors who have graduated from ultra-Orthodox education (including Yozim who serve in the regular units) similar rights to those to which ultra-Orthodox conscripts are entitled.
Integration in Education
Work with the Council for Higher Education (CHE) and government ministries to help ensure that Yotzim can fully integrate into institutions of higher education. Following our activity in recent years, the CHE granted a comprehensive set of benefits to all graduates of ultra-orthodox education who are studying in colleges and universities – including Yotzim - and prohibited discrimination against Yotzim in these institutions.
Out for Change worked help open pre-academic preparatory schools adapted to the needs of all graduates of ultra-orthodox education, and to have special pre-academic guidance counselors appointed by the CHE to help Yotzim.
Intergration in the Workplace
Helping Yotzim succeed in the employment market and opening customized programs for professional training.
In recent years, a number of programs have been developed: the Voucher Program through the Vocational Training Division; the Engineer Studies Program of the Government Institute for Training in Technology and Science; and entry into the program track for special populations at the Innovation Authority.
Parliamentary Work
Representing Yotzim – men and women - in the Knesset. In recent years, we established a lobby that is working to have Yotzim recognized as a distinct target population and to raise awareness about the tremendous potential of Yotzim to successfully integrate in the labor market and in higher education.
Raising awareness and building cooperation with decision-makers in the Knesset and the government. Establishing relationships with high-level individuals on the professional and political levels in the various government ministries, MKs, public institutions and more.


Our Achievments

Equal Rights in Academia
For all graduates of ultra-orthodox education, regardless of their current religious identity.
Inclusion of Yotzim in the Council for Higher Education's (CHE) Tender
Recognition of Yotzim rights within the five-year plan of the CHE for the ultra-Orthodox population, including an explicit prohibition of discrimination against Yotzim in academia

Allocation of paid professionals to help Yotzim in institutions of higher learning.
Allocation of paid professionals to help Yotzim better adjust to academic institutions and to serve in Employment Centers in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv
Guaranteeing rights to graduates of ultra-Orthodox education serving in the IDF, regardless of their current religious identity.
Among the rights granted: admission to special academic tracks; the opportunity to improve one's entry exams and selection data; recognition as a lone soldier and the accompanying privileges; completion of a high school education; and tailored guidance throughout the entire period of service.
Opening of dedicated programs in the field of employment
Opening of dedicated programs in employment: the Voucher Program through the Vocational Training Division; the Engineering Studies Program of the Governmental Institute for Training in Technology and Science; and integration into high-tech.
Government funding for social services for Yotzim
This work led to the allocation of government resources for the development and operation of social services for Yotzim
Allocation of funding for paid positions for counseling in the employment market
Funding for the allocation of government sponsored counselors to offer guidance to Yotzim on employment and in higher education institutions.
Assistance in opening 12 pre-academic preparatory programs.
Schools geared specifically to Yotzim.

Our Team

Team member

Shlomit Kaplan

Policy Director
[email protected]
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